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Kirkwood 48-Hour OWI Course Facts

Here is a list of the rules provided by Kirkwood Community College, regarding the 48-hour OWI Weekend Treatment Program. Hopefully you will find this helpful when planning to attend the program:

“Kirkwood OWI Weekend Program Information

You must contact Kirkwood Community College at (319) 398-4971 to register for a class. They have classes scheduled each month, so finding a class should not be a problem. However, they recommend registering early, as classes tend to fill up quickly. NO walk-ins are allowed.

The Class:

1. Check-in starts at 4:30p.m. at the Heartland Inn in Coralville. You should arrive no later than 5:30p.m. to get through the process. Anyone that arrives after 6p.m. is denied entrance.
2. Luggage will be searched and a breathalyzer test administered. Anyone testing above a .00 will be denied entrance. It is not advisable to consume alcohol on the day you check in or consume a large amount the night before.
3. Participants will be required to sign a Participant Agreement Form at check-in. Failure to sign the form will result in dismissal from the class.
4. No visitors are allowed during the weekend. Do not plan to make or receive any phone calls during your stay. Only emergency calls will be permitted. No cell phones or pagers will be allowed. If you bring them, they will be confiscated at check-in. Kirkwood is NOT responsible for lost, stolen or damaged phones or pagers during the duration of the weekend.
5. The phone number for emergency calls only during the weekend is (319) 351-8132. The calls will be forwarded to the facilitators by the front desk. If someone must call, they should state their name and phone number, the participant’s name, and a description of the emergency.
6. If you do not have a current driver’s license, you must make appropriate arrangements. You cannot use your work permit to attend this class. If driving, you will be required to show a valid driver’s license and surrender your car keys at the time of check-in.
7. For security reasons, students will not be in any part of the hotel except the meeting room, unless chaperoned by a facilitator. You will not be allowed to make trips to your room during the day. You will be expected to be in the seminar room unless otherwise instructed. Failure to do so will result in removal from the class and forfeiture of tuition.
8. Participants will be assigned two or three to a room. There will be one bed per person. The hotel provides wake up calls at 6:30a.m. You may bring an alarm clock if this is not sufficient. If you are late to the classroom, you will be removed from class and will forfeit tuition.
9. Sessions run until 10:00p.m. Friday and Saturday nights, and 6:00p.m. Sunday. You will be required to be in your room immediately after the evening sessions on Friday and Saturday (10p.m.). After room checks, the door will be shut and you are required to remain in your room until breakfast the next morning. Your lights must be turned out at 11:00p.m.
10. You should have no expectation of privacy during the weekend. The Kirkwood administrators can at any time search your room or re-administer a breathalyzer test.
11. Participants may not bring electronics, such as iPods, MP3 players or laptop computers. There will not be access to the internet and you cannot use these items in the classroom.
12. This is a tobacco-free hotel. Tobacco may be used only outside at the specified entrance and only under supervision during breaks. Bring your own cigarettes. No chewing tobacco is allowed in the classroom.
13. Dress is casual. You are advised to pack as if you are going away for the weekend.
14. If you bring prescription and non-prescription medicine for the weekend, it must be in the original container with the label attached. If you are taking prescription, mood-altering chemicals, you must have a written, signed doctor’s statement indicating your ability to benefit from this program while taking medication.
15. Meals are provided from a box lunch Friday evening through lunch on Sunday. You may bring snack food, non-alcoholic drinks, or special dietary requirements with you. These need to be sealed in their original container.
16. If you are a vegetarian or require a special diet, Kirkwood will need to know about it prior to your arrival.
17. If you are handicapped and have special requirements, Kirkwood will need to know about it prior to your arrival.
18. For many participants this also counts as a weekend of jail time. If you feel Kirkwood is being too restrictive, they invite you to try the alternative.

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