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OWI in Iowa and the Need for the Ignition Interlock Device

The Iowa State Legislature has made the installation of an Ignition Interlock Device mandatory under several occasions.

These occasions are overwhelmingly due for licensing reasons, and generally are not part of the criminal case.

Primarily, if a driver is facing a license revocation due to implied consent test failure or refusal, they may be required to obtain the Ignition Interlock device if they wish to have a work permit.

If the driver blows above .08 but not .10, the Iowa Department of Transportation will not require the installation.  However, if the test result is greater than .10, or if the test is refused, the Device will be necessary.

The Ignition Interlock Device will also be required to be installed when a driver has committed their 2nd breath test failure or refusal.  Then the Device must be installed after one year to for the driver to obtain a license (in the case of the breath failure) or a work permit (in the case of a refusal.)

Judges also have the power to order installation for any number of reasons aside from getting the work permit.  However, this is unusual in the Iowa City or Cedar Rapids areas.

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