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Driving Under Revocation

The Iowa DOT has many different levels of drivers’ license statuses. A driver can be suspended, revoked, ineligible or barred.  Each of these statuses provides a different penalty if that driver is caught driving.

DUI / OWI breath test failures or refusals, and drug convictions will leave a driver revoked.

Driving under revocation is a serious offense.  The driver will be taken to jail for the night, and the minimum fine is $1,000.00, which adds up to $1,450.00 once the surcharge and court costs are added on.  The Court also has the right to sentence up to one year of jail time for this offense.  But for a first-time offender, the fine is usually enough.

A driver with revoked status does not even need to commit a separate traffic violation to be stopped by the police.  So the idea of “driving the speed limit an wearing my seat belt” is not enough to protect a revoked driver.  All an officer has to do is run the plate of the car that the driver is operating, and they can gain probable cause for the stop.

That being said, if considering on driving on a revoked license, please stop and consider an alternate plan.  The penalties are just too high to justify the risk.

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